Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Iacopi Farms - San Mateo Farmers of the Year 2016

English peas available at Iacopi Farms for delicious recipes in My Paleo Marin.
Iacopi Farmers' Market Booth photo from their website
Founded in 1962, Iacopi Farms grows top-quality peas, beans, and artichokes in the cool, coastal climate of Half Moon Bay. They use the technique of dry farming, using only rainwater and retaining it by a careful tilling of the soil. The result is award winning artichokes, and English peas as sweet as candy.

Dry farming photo of Iacopi Farms on My Paleo Marin website.
Iacopi Farmland photo from their website
The season for English peas is spring through early summer. You can find Iacopi Farms produce at the Marin Civic Center Farmers' Market on Thursdays and Sundays, and various other farmers' markets around the Bay Area.

My Paleo Marin Recipes:

English pea salad on My Paleo Marin's website."Drake Devonshire English Pea Salad" at link here.

English peas and Himalayan Yak Cheese with radishes on toast appetizer.
"English Peas & Himalayan Yak Cheese on Toast" here.

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