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Thai Glass Noodle Bowl w/ Shrimp, Pork, Herbs and Toasted Cashews

All the memories of siting in a sidewalk noodle shop in Bangkok can be found in this bowl of glass noodles adapted from Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One.

Chef Lo writes the flavors of this dish are "spicy, and exhilarating with lashings of acid from the lime, deeply satisfying from the umami of the pork, shrimp, and fish sauce -  complex yet comforting - just how I feel about Thailand."

Let your mind drift to the colorful plastic tablecloths, bustling street vendors, and flashing neon lights as you mix all the ingredients together and dig in. Then surprise yourself as you unexpectedly see the bottom of the empty bowl!

My Paleo Marin Rating: 5+ Persimmons

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2 Packages Kaset 100% Bean Thread Vermicelli Noodles, available here

1/2 pound ground pork
2 teaspoons coconut sugar
2 teaspoons fish sauce, preferably Red Boat
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt & Pepper to taste

2 Tablespoons grapeseed oil

3 Shrimps, peeled and deveined

Juice of 1 lime
1 teaspoon fish sauce, preferably Red Boat
1 Thai red bird chili, thinly sliced
Mint, cilantro and Thai basil leaves, added to taste
1/3 cup raw cashew nuts, toasted in a dry frying pan over medium low heat until lightly browned (1-2 minutes), chopped
Lime Wedges

Optional: Chopped tomato, Persian cucumber, and/or red onion slice


1. Bring 6 cups of salted water to a boil; add the noodles and cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Transfer to a colander and rinse well with cold water. Set aside.

2. In a medium bowl, mix with a fork the ground pork, sugar, fish sauce, garlic and salt and pepper to combine.

3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the ground pork mixture and cook through (about 4-5 minutes) Remove mixture from pan and set aside. Add the shrimp and cook about 2 minutes on each side, until the color is pink and they are cooked through.

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4. Add the noodles to a serving bowl. Mix in the lime juice, fish sauce, and some of the pan drippings. Add the pork mixture, shrimp, chili, herbs, cashews, and lime wedges (and optional vegetables).

5. Mix with chopsticks and enjoy!

Serves 1-2.

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Recipe adapted for Paleo from the Solo cookbook available here.

My Paleo Marin Rating 1-5 Persimmons
I try out these recipes so you don't have to (and modify them for Paleo where possible). The rating will reflect my opinion of the final result in terms of taste, ease of preparation, nutrition, and sometimes, cost.

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