Friday, August 1, 2014

Larkspur Landing Farmers' Market

The Farmers' Market at Larkspur Landing is reminiscent of Marin thirty years ago: friendly, small scale, good quality. My search for gluten-free bread came full circle there last week.  
The Rustic Bakery is where I have bought a loaf of bread every Saturday for the past year. 

But two weeks ago, I veered over to the gluten-free Flour Craft Bakery.

When I found out the prices of these breads ($8.50 - $10.00/loaf), I decided to wait and try to make it myself.  

Not only did I spend over $50 on new ingredients, but research on the internet didn't give me much hope that the bread would rise well or even taste good.  I hesitated, and finished up the Rustic Bakery loaf.

Last weekend, the bread at Flour Craft looked like a bargain.  I bought two loaves.

The seeded bread was made with rice flour and not grain-free.  The other loaf contained almond flour and was labeled the Protein Loaf.  If someone has a gluten allergy, this would be an excellent choice.

I didn't care for either one.  The first one had good texture but a hint of fishiness to the taste; the second one tasted okay but had a very mushy texture - like solidified apple sauce.  

So I ended up just eating Salt & Pepper Crackers as a bread substitute this week.  If anyone has a good recipe for gluten-free bread, please send a link.