Sunday, July 27, 2014

Non-Dairy Cheese

What better place to find non-dairy cheese than the Berkeley Bowl Market?

I circled the cheese counter looking for the vegan section.  I was directed to an adjacent display over on the aisle.

My hope was to find a vegan cheese and a non-grain bread to replace my usual breakfast of a Rustic Bakery bread slice with sharp cheddar cheese on top.

The cheddar made from almonds seemed the best choice both for ingredients and color ($$).  I also bought another cheddar made from soy milk ($).

The almond-based cheese was inedible - weird texture and bitter taste.  The second one, maybe not so bad if it was shredded and melted on a vegetable.  I will process this one and freeze it for a later date.

I did find a cheese I have heard so much about - Grana Padano - "Italy's finest."  This is an alternative to Reggio parmesan.  It was affordable and tasted so much better.  Imagine a texture of firm butter with a mild delicious flavor.  Paleo? No. Non-Diary? No. Delicious? Yes.